Pipeline 2012

Being part of the crowd of a surfing competition, is the closest I have come so far to my dream; surf photography. My Panasonic Lumix and I travelled to Hawaii in January 2012 to watch the Volcom Pro in Pupuke’a (Banzai Pipeline). Although not quite the shots you would get sitting on a boat in the ocean, or sticking your camera out to an oncoming wave, I managed to capture some of the sheer beauty when Mother Nature meets surfer.

Taken January 2012 at Pipeline, Hawaii.

396369_10151264689870510_1535401145_n Bruce Irons surfing Pipeline


418040_10151230210555510_1320200266_n Carlos Muñoz getting ready for a heat

424926_10151230204635510_842836632_n John John Florence wins Volcom Pro Pipeline 2012

429736_10151230196315510_1049385123_n Nate Yeomans surfing Pipe

538800_10151558488170510_1872884810_n Waimea Bay, Oahu, Hawaii


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